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How can process engineering teams translate intricately designed processes into completed and profitable projects in less time, with fewer resources, and with less capital? The answer lies within a true partnership with an engineering partner.

Read the White Paper & Learn How an Engineering Partner Can:

  • Help your process team determine the capital cost estimate to win project approval
  • Translate process concepts & ideas into actionable construction drawings
  • Perform a myriad of tasks your team may not have the time or bandwidth to accomplish
  • Uncover gaps, misses, and unrealistic deadlines within your project schedule
  • Build a detailed Commissioning & Start Up Plan — and execute against that plan 

Bonus Content: 

We’ve also included a bonus section, What To Look For In A Process Engineering Partner. Find the 4 critical traits you should look for when choosing an engineering partner to supplement your process engineering team to deliver on your concept and vision.

Why Download the White Paper:

When it comes to process engineering, many teams lack the resources to develop the process engineering required to support a project as it moves into detailed engineering and construction. The Process Engineer can position themselves for success by selecting an outside engineering agency to supplement the PE team to help ensure project success.

The right partner can bring fresh vision, speed, and efficiency to supplement your team. They can deliver new, alternative thinking to traditional facility practices—giving you options that can reduce the capital required for a project.

Keep reading to discover the opportunities where the right engineering partner can support, equip, and empower your PE team to translate process designs into completed projects on-time and within-budget.

About The Author

Scott Feller, P.E.

Scott Feller received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Wright State University and A.S in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University. His professional expertise spans capital cost estimating, field coordination of contractors, structural steel detailing, mechanical design and specifications, project analysis, interdisciplinary design coordination, equipment selection and procurement, and value engineering.

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