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Free Factored Capital Cost Estimating Tool [Template]

Estimate the overall cost and trade, craft, discipline estimates costs using our proven formula—with over 35+ years of historical cost profiles for chemical, agricultural commodity, biotechnology, and mineral processing facility construction costs built right in.

This Template Enables Executives To: 

  • Develop a factored Capital Construction Cost Estimate based on known or estimated process equipment costs

  • Compute estimated values of each construction trade, craft, or discipline within a typical project

  • Factor LANG value and Relative Magnitude of each phase of the construction project

About The Author

Scott Feller, P.E.

Scott Feller received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Wright State University and A.S in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University. His professional expertise spans capital cost estimating, field coordination of contractors, structural steel detailing, mechanical design and specifications, project analysis, interdisciplinary design coordination, equipment selection and procurement, and value engineering.

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