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Key Opportunities To Reduce Capital On Every Industrial Facility Capital Project [White Paper]

How can today’s Industrial Engineering Executive balance the wish lists of management, operations and maintenance while meeting an aggressively defined payback objective on facility capital projects?

The answer lies within the ability to identify opportunity and reduce capital across the entire scope of the project—not just at build stage.

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  • How preliminary project decisions can affect an industrial facility’s ability to improve revenue, reduce operating expense, and reduce capital investment.
  • The 8 critical areas of decisions that drive cost (and cost savings) on every facility capital greenfield project, plant expansion, or de-bottlenecking project.
  • Key questions today's Engineering Executives can ask within each stage of the project to discover capital-reduction opportunities.

About The Author

Scott Feller, P.E.

Scott Feller received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Wright State University and A.S in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University. His professional expertise spans capital cost estimating, field coordination of contractors, structural steel detailing, mechanical design and specifications, project analysis, interdisciplinary design coordination, equipment selection and procurement, and value engineering.

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